Roulette Rule Basics

Roulette game is played at the table with the roulette wheel and number grid known as the game layout which has more complex structure than at blackjack games. According to the Roulette rules the game layout has 12 separate columns of number sections (for making the inside bets) and sections for making different types of the bets. The roulette wheel consists of the identical amount of sections (36) as well as additional 0 (single zero) in European (French) variant of the game and 00 section (double zero) in American roulette. According to the standard roulette rule parameters the number slots on the wheel are marked in black and red, but zero slots are green. Moreover, the roulette cells alternate with black and red and also even and odd numbers. The numbers pattern on the roulette wheel was developed by the roulette makers and today such design is considered to be the roulette rule standard. A special white ivory ball and multicolored chips for each gamer are used in the game. It should be admitted that European or French and American variants of the game are practically the same because the roulette tactics do not differ a lot, the most important distinction is in the usage of double zero slot on the wheel and number chart.

Roulette game is quite simple to play as the roulette rule instructions are very easy to understand. Firstly, the roulette players make bets by placing the chips on the table cells. As the roulette rule states all gamblers have chance to make inside (on several or one certain cells) and outside bets (on a group of cells). The dealer or croupier spins the wheel and sets the white ball on the outward line of the spinning wheel. While the roulette wheel slows down the roulette players may finish making bets. According to a specific roulette rule it is forbidden to place more bets when the croupier announces “No more bets!” After the roulette ball lands on one numbered slot the winner is named. The roulette dealer gives out winning bets and others are taken off the casino.

It must be mentioned that roulette game is rather social game, unlike for example slot games, so don’t get angry each time you can’t win. Relax, have a nice talk with the other gamblers and play with joy. The following wheel spin will be definitely lucky!