Online Roulette Glossary

Here we list the main terms that occur in the game of roulette and do not refer to any other casino game like online slots or blackjack game. Familiarize with the definitions of the terms and try to remember because they can aid you to understand the roulette game.

American Roulette - type of roulette about casino games spread in the United States. In American typeof the game the wheel comprises 38 numbered spaces, from 0 to 36 plus additional double zero 00 pocket which allows to place Five-number bet.

Ball - small white ball usually made of ivory. The ball is rolled in the roulette wheel and the ball’s stopping indicates the winning and losing bets.

Biased roulette wheel - poorly made or imperfect wheel which may cause the same numbers to fall out successively.

Black action - bet made with the help of black $100 chip.

Black bet - bet that in the next spin the white roulette ball rests on the black-colored number.

Carre’ - French word for Corner or Square Bet.

Cheval - French term for Two-number or Split Bet.

Column bet - outside bet which concerns one of columns on the number chart.

Corner bet - type of inside bet covers four neighboring numbers. Corner bet is also called Square Bet.

Croupier - casino employee who works at the roulette table. In most gambling rooms this person is called roulette dealer.

Double zero or 00 - an extra roulette pocket used in American Wheel.

Dozen bet - outside bet which gives the chance to bet one of three specific groups of numbers which are divided into three dozens 12 numbers each.

En prison rule - or Surrender rule represented in French or European roulette. The rule says that when the gambler places outside bet he/she may choose to lose the half of his bet or leave the it for the next spin.

European Roulette - version of roulette in which the wheel consists of 37 number slots, from 0 to 36. In this variationof the game, in contrast to American roulette game, the casino has smaller advantage, hence the player has greater winning expectations.

Five-number bet - type of inside bet that allows to bet on five numbers,these numbers are 0, 00 1, 2 and 3.

House edge - the difference between the odds and payoffs which shows the edge of the casino. This is how the casino owners earn money.

High bet - outside bet that allows the player to bet that the next winning number occurs between 19 and 36.

Inside bet - bet that is placed outside the number chart and concerns a group of numbers.

Low bet - type of outside bet which permits the gambler to bet winning number appears between 1 and 18.

Martingale Betting System - roulette system the basic idea of which says to double the bet each time the gambler loses since in the next spin he is able to return the loss and win more.

Outside bet - bet which is made inside the numbered chart and allows to choose one definite number or several numbers.

Payout - money the roulette player is given by casino.

Red bet - betting that in the next spin the roulette ball rests on the red number.

Reds - casino $5 chips.

Reverse LaBouchere Betting System - roulette system which is based on procedure of writing down the numbers and making bet on the first and last ones and then writing the numbers back to the end of the series.

Reverse Martingale Betting System - betting system the general idea of which states that the player should double the bet each time he/she beat the wheel.

Roulette chips - special casino chips used only in the roulette game. These chips are marked in different colors to identify the bets of each roulette player. The player can buy roulette chips and change them after he finishes the game from the dealer.

Roulette layout - roulette table consisting of number grid and specially created wheel.

Roulette betting system - one of the popular methods which allows the players to increase their winning probabilities and beat the bank.

Six-number bet - inside bet that concerns two adjoining rows of numbers.

Sixainne - French word for Six-number Bet.

Split bet or Two-number bet - inside bet which gives the chance to bet two adjoining numbers.

Straight-Up bet - inside bet which covers just one specific number.

Street bet - inside bet which allows to bet on one row of the numbers on the table.

Transversale - French word for Street or Three-number Bet.

Wheel roller - croupier or dealer.