Roulette Myths

There exists a great number of various casino gambling myths about the game of roulette. They practically cover the systems and tactics which allows to win big each time you sit at the roulette table. All these tales may exist still here we are going to crash some of them because they are false and may confound the players.

Each spin of the wheel is not random

Most the gamblers are sure that roulette wheels are biased and every wheel spin is not random. Anyway, the wheels in real casinos may have some defects but to be honest they are so slight that can not change the game outcome. What is more it is evident that for gambling rooms biased roulette wheels are unprofitable that's why they pay good money for roulette wheels. It should be emphasized that the roulette wheel does not have memory as a result the same numbers can appear as often as different ones.

All Roulette Wheels are identical

This myth is very easy to blow away cause there ca be distinguished two existing kinds of roulette, American and French. The distinction between two wheels is very remarkable. Visually it is in the use of zero (0 and 00) pockets. European Roulette wheel contains only one zero section (0) whilst in American Roulette two zero spaces (0 and 00) are used. In the the roulette game this difference influences immensely the gambler's odds cause the casino advantage in European Roulette reaches 2.7%, in American - 5.26%.

Roulette Betting Systems

This is one of the most contradictory myths ever existed. While all developed roulette systems can help to play more logically, and methodically but are not able guarantee success like at online slots games. Playing roulette you can rely purely on lady luck. It is illogical to think that roulette systems work cause if it was so the casino owners would stop offering roulette.

Money Management

These roulette systems were also created with the purpose to better player's probabilities. These systems theoretically guarantee the player's success but in fact they are mythical. The only benefit of them is the ability to reduce slightly the chances to lose. You might have heard about money management in blackjack rules and casino gaming tips.

House advantage elimination

It is thought that by making bet on the 0 and 00 you may eliminate the House edge. This idea is not difficult to explain. As you know the payoff on even money bets is 1/1. The house gets its advantage owing to the additional zero cells. Theoretically if you bet on zero plus on other numbers you insure yourself against losing when the white roulette ball rests on zero. But bear in mind that the payout on the zero bet is 35/1 anyway it is impossible to eliminate the house edge.